Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ – Ngôn Ngữ Anh

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Hôm nay tiếp tục gửi tới các bạn sinh viên bài mẫu Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ cho các bạn sinh viên làm báo cáo tốt nghiệp Ngôn Ngữ Anh nhé, sau các bài viết bài mẫu internship report các trung tâm Anh Ngữ, công ty dịch thuât,…các bạn xem các bài viết cũ của mình trên website nhé.

LƯU Ý Trong quá trình làm bài Báo cáo thực tập các bạn gặp khó khăn về thời gian hay tìm kiếm công ty thực tập, không thể hoàn thành bài làm hãy liên hệ với mình để được hỗ trợ qua https://zalo.me/0909232620 

CHAPTER 1:  Các bạn tải phía dưới để có file bài hoàn chình nhé

Mục lục


1. Assigned tasks during the intership (Báo cáo thực tập Ngôn Ngữ Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

1.1.Faxing – Making phone calls (Fax – Telephone)


Fax – Telephone is a very important job, I was given a password and Fax code – a separate phone. When the Fax must face down and need to wait for the machine to “bit”, then enter the Fax number of the agency to send.

Implementation process:

When Faxing:

– If in the same area (in Ho Chi Minh city), press: (9 **) + Fax password + Fax number.

– If in different region (provinces), press: (9 **) + Fax password + area code + Fax number.

– Click the “Start” button.

– Let the device run until the “bit” is heard.

When the Fax is completed, call to confirm that the recipient has received the Fax I sent, if not, I have to set up the Fax again and call the confirmation phone again until received. I sent.

Finally, the stamp confirms the faxed and signed paper.


When faxing, pay close attention to whether you have pressed the wrong number or missing a number by placing the chin of the headset to hear a “beep” every time you dial a number.

While the Fax sometimes stuck, so have to wait patiently for communication before starting Fax.

When making a phone call to confirm whether my faxes are being received, if you hear a small answer, you must press the plus sign (+) on the phone to enlarge the sound to hear the most accurate information. (Mẫu Báo Cáo Thực Tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

1.2 Office duty (Mẫu Báo Cáo Thực Tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)


It is often said that office duty is a very simple job, but during the process of working, I can understand all the difficulties or problems or encounter many difficult situations. That is to say, even the seemingly simple tasks but also learning must be good to do.

Implementation process:

Usually the office includes many things such as phone reception, dispatching documents, receiving guests…

The work of receiving telephone is not difficult and difficult but requires flexibility and skill in communication. When working, you really understand the importance of receiving calls. Initially, the call was not able to identify the individual name because the person who answered the phone was the representative of the , the whole agency. Second, the phone caller had to remember each position, full name, The positions of the employees in the agency must also remember clearly the extension numbers to transfer when needed. In addition, phone listeners need to understand the individual’s resolution range to quickly transfer the device to the most suitable object.

The dispatch of documents is not difficult but requires perseverance and diligence. The person who delivered the dispatch not only transferred in the room, in the  but also between agencies and other subjects. The dispatcher is the representative for the sender, so it is necessary to show the sender’s spirit to the recipient.

Receiving guests is the most difficult task, because when practicing, the trainees themselves can not fully understand and understand the audience, so the reception of guests can sometimes be embarrassing. However, receiving guests always adhere to the most basic diplomatic principles.

In the process of doing the assigned work, I always pay attention to observe and learn how to behave, communicate as well as the way of work of officials and employees in the agency, from which I can draw myself experience for me, apply what I have accumulated to work, to better understand my work and industry in the future.

2. Achieved experience – (Mẫu Báo Cáo Thực Tập Ngôn ngữ Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

2.1 Experience of performing the job

After internship in the agency of skills, professional knowledge that I obtained skills in organizing work, and grasping the processes of handling, contacting and taking care of customers, learning more business skills to handle situations in business.

I myself have tried my best to perform the assigned job but because I am a new employee, I am still quite confused and awkward. When doing the job, put the job first, dedicated in the work without thinking of other things.

During the internship, I met a lot of different customers and so many unexpected situations, through those situations; it helped me gain more experience and lessons to help me become more mature.

When going to internships, every person there has his or her own work and there is not always time to care, follow and advise so the initiative of students will help themselves grasp have the opportunity and learn a lot from reality.

After participating in internships and training at the enterprise, students will have a report presenting what they have contacted and learned at the agency to present the instructor, from which the lecture will guide students. how to present and write a coherent and scientific report

2.2. Obtained skills

One of the most important skills of a sales person is communication skills, when you have good communication ability; the ability to persuade customers to buy from the agency is very high and creates a strong attraction. With business partners that bring the best results for your career. Over the course of my internship, meeting so many clients helped me to improve my communication skills. We persevere with customers who are still not decisive with their purchase decisions or need to be quick and clear to the hasty customers.

Thereby, professional skills and soft skills are what students need to gain confidence when leaving school and starting with jobs. (Mẫu Báo Cáo Thực Tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

2.3 Know how to listen, learn and respond

Always listen to the sharing and suggestions of everyone. It is reasonable to learn and absorb it properly. And when you do not feel satisfactory, you can respond, but you must pay attention to the attitude of corrective

Able to work independently

Working at the office helps me learn the ability to work independently, no one can help me in the assigned task.

Time management skills

In order to ensure that I have enough time and health to meet my internship, I have trained myself a reasonable time management skill.

Not because of work that neglect homework in the lecture hall. And to have enough time and energy to study as well as to practice effectively, we also have to take good care of ourselves, eat and rest scientifically. All these things, if properly arranged and complementary to each other, will certainly be the basis for the best completion.

2.4 Lessons learned about attitude (Mẫu Báo Cáo Tốt nghiệp tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

Attitude is an important factor in how a person is assessed as a person. When working at an agency, the first thing is to respect the working hours and rules, although only a student to practice, but when entering the door of the agency, you must respect and obey the rules of authority launched.

Proactively asking at work also helps me to be more confident, more active and easier to integrate into the cultural environment of the organization.

When communicating with everyone in your room, you should pay attention to using words like “Yes” or “Thank you”. That is how I make a good impression on the employees who work there. When creating sympathy for them, it is easy to receive advice from them.

At work, there will be many things that happen instead of being helpless and constantly complaining when things are not as expected, be flexible to find solutions with the most positive attitude.

Be gentle with the staff, brothers / sisters / colleagues in the agency.

Customers and partners must be considerate and considerate, but the times when it is necessary to protect the company’s business viewpoint must not be loud and polite. The words spoken must be clear and sure.

For the superior, respect, not disrespect, but must be clear, not pessimistic, afraid. It must be straightforward to exchange such work in order to work.

For subordinates to be gentle, friendly, not pretending, alienated, concerned about subordinates, willing to listen to the opinions of employees. At this time the work will be more smoothly and smoothly. (Mẫu Báo Cáo Thực Tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)


1. Difficulties

  • During the actual working time, I faced many difficulties and limitations in terms of professional knowledge and professional skills.
  • In terms of knowledge: Because I do not know much about construction materials, I have difficulty consulting clients, so I have to try to understand the use and price of the products of the agency.
  • Due to the lack of soft skills, communication and customer counseling still face many difficulties.
  • At first, I found it difficult to integrate into the work environment because everything was new.

2.Advantages (Mẫu Báo Cáo Thực Tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

  • Applied theoretically a lot in the work, thereby knowing new things, new knowledge, practical skills.
  • With the support of my colleagues, I can understand the items of the agency.

3. Future career orientation

I realize that working in the workplace is a good opportunity, helping me get in touch with real work, applying the knowledge gained at the school. However, the theory is not entirely true for each specific case, requires us to be flexible improvisation, and can change a number of things to work smoothly and achieve higher results, in the future. plan to finish his internship and apply for a job at Lac Duong District’s Culture, Information and Sports  because he is close to his home, and his job as well as his wish is to work in an office. staff who are fluent in English so matters related to English language I can handle.


CONCLUSION (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

          Two months of internship is not a long time but it helped me have a better overview of activities at the Agency. The agency has a very good working environment, always creating conditions to help employees with practical welfare programs. The internship process helped me gain a lot of experience when practicing here such as communication skills, the opportunity to interact with many experienced people in business management … There are opportunities for me to apply these knowledge learned from books and schools into practice, as well as bringing practical experience in handling and solving jobs. Over time, I also realize that the knowledge I have learned in school is much but not enough when it comes to reality. So I know I still have to learn more.

          + Recommendations to agencies, agencies and schools

          Through working with the agency, I strongly recommend that the agency take into account the monthly labor performance of each department in order to rate typical individuals and give appropriate rewards to encourage employees to have a good record. The agency must have a reasonable remuneration policy for the highly educated knowledge workforce to retain workers.

          Managers need to distribute the work regularly every day, the agency should create conditions for employees to attend long-term and short-term professional courses to further improve the professional skills that help the agency handle quick operations to complete the report promptly.

          + Recommendations to my university (Mẫu Báo Cáo Thực Tập tiếng Anh tại Sở Ngoại Vụ)

          It is necessary to supplement subjects that are right with the profession that students have chosen, so that when they graduate, students will not be surprised between theory and reality. Always create favorable conditions and incentives for all students to study as well as tuition. Facilitate the process of further learning for students, creating a foundation for students of the ability to analyze and behave in all situations. Office informatics and foreign languages ​​are the two golden keys of all industries. The school needs additional courses in informatics and foreign languages ​​for students. It is necessary to focus on and supplement the subjects that are true to the profession that the student has chosen, so that upon graduation, students do not have to be amazed between theory and reality. Always create favorable conditions and incentives for all students to study as well as tuition.

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