Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh – Conclusion

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Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh – Conclusion, phần này các bạn không thể quên làm nhé, Viết được nội dung báo cáo tốt rồi, nhung cũng cần phải quan tâm Hôm nay tiếp tục gửi tới các bạn sinh viên bài mẫu Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại công ty xuất nhập khẩu đề tài  Analysis The Process Of Importing In Forwarding Operation Of Tra-Sas By Sea Transport  cho các bạn sinh viên làm báo cáo tốt nghiệp Ngôn Ngữ Anh nhé, sau các bài viết bài mẫu internship report các trung tâm Anh Ngữ, công ty dịch thuât,…các bạn xem các bài viết cũ của mình trên website nhé.

LƯU Ý Trong quá trình làm bài Báo cáo thực tập các bạn gặp khó khăn về thời gian hay tìm kiếm công ty thực tập, không thể hoàn thành bài làm hãy liên hệ với mình để được hỗ trợ qua https://zalo.me/0909232620

Mục lục

Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh tại công ty du lịch

     Internship is the great opportunity to take the knowledge from Thu Dau Mot University and apply it in the real job. As an internship, this is a chance to improve English skills, especially, speaking skill and listening skill. Also, I have learnt many experiences from internship. For example, when I work at Thang Loi Hotel, I have learnt the terms and how to start the conversation with customers. I also learn the way to face with fastidious customers. That is I must be patient and harmony. Moreover, I am actively seek to resolve the issues arising in the work. In addition, I recognize my weakness and improve it. Furthermore, working as a real receptionist and housekeeping help me to become more briskly and careful.

     After the training at Thang Loi Hotel, I completed the jobs successfully with the help of Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Mai and Mr. Dang Huu Loc- the guidance in Thang Loi Hotel and all staffs of Thang Loi Hotel.

     During the working time at Thang Loi Hotel, I feel the courses that I learn in Thu Dau Mot University very helpful. For instance, an intermediate pronunciation course helps me to distinguish different English sound, as well as other aspects of pronunciation which are also important for successful communication with foreign customers. In addition, speaking course and listening course help me improve knowledge of English. Nowadays, many Chinese come to Vietnam to work. Luckily, I also learn Chinese language in University. It makes me expand the ability to communicate with Chinese customers.

     Besides, I think the faculty of foreign languages needs to expand language courses, such as Japanese course, French course, etc. It will help the students in faculty of foreign languages to study extra difference languages. For this reason, the students can improve their general communication skills and enhance their employability. Moreover, the students will gain an insight into new cultures and ways of seeing the world.


Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh tại Trung tâm Ngoại ngữ

  • Conclusion

Working in the education sector, Atlanta Language Educator’s main services are English courses (Starters, Movers, Flyers, Ket, Pet and Ielts) which serve crucial students’ needs. Their teachers and teaching assistants always have to go through a frequent training process every month to make sure that teaching quality are ensured.

Throughout 12 weeks, the reporter seized favorable opportunities experiencing a professionally educational environment and building up personal relationships with experienced staff having youthful energy as well as enthusiastic students. What made her internship duration worthwhile were the knowledge and skills in teaching and competence in class management acquired.

Importantly, all theory, hard and soft skills learnt at school could be brought into reality and played a crucial role in her internship.  She perceived all her merits and defects in order to retain her educational and competitive advantages and eliminate the drawbacks and she should take notice of them whenever she applied to any other positions.

  • Recommendations – Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh 

After this precious time undertaking a teaching position at the Atlanta, the reporter is cognizant that she has various things needed to better herself in the way of pursuing an educational career from this time forth.

Her English needs improving time after time, especially speaking skill. Importantly, her voice should be clearer and softer since it is quite high- pitched and in the manner of a teacher, the voice expresses teachers’ enthusiasm and feelings at a particular time. When she could use it effectively, she could work in her favor and strengthen her personal and professional relationships. Pronunciation is also on her own recommendation list since it is an influential area for teaching. Besides, students need to be exposed more to the standard English environment; that is why there is a need for having pronunciation corrected. In a similar manner, she should acquire a good level of rest.

It is also important for her to enrich teaching knowledge and expertise. Knowing what students from different ages need and how they feel helps her come up with a definite lesson plan; since then, by developing her own teaching method and material, she would engage, challenge them at some point and keep their interest. She also has to be adaptable to work in an evolving environment and adjust her teaching methods according to the available resources and curriculum. Furthermore, she needs to have assessment ability which means evaluating her students’ process, recognizing their strength and weakness so that she can help them fill gaps in their knowledge and motivate them more. Other soft skills such as communication, problem solving and listening skills, etc. and personalities needed to be a good teacher (patience, empathy, etc.) are also required to be taken into consideration.

For those who are participating in English major, especially English teaching, these mentioned recommendations above are valuable for them to carry out. Every subject they are taking part in at school does wonder for their career in the future, in some ways. Determining the passion and paying full attention on knowledge and skills needed to improve themselves are essential. Apart from curriculum learning at university, they should seek more job opportunities, experience and find the core value; from that, they will discover their strengths to improve and weaknesses to get rid of.

In conclusion, all her suggestions are the results of her worthwhile internship duration that should be taken into account. (Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh )


Kết luận báo cáo tốt nghiệp Ngôn ngữ Anh tại khách sạn

For the success of Sherwood Residence, Sherwood Suites is a Grade-A serviced apartment building on an area of over 2,000 square meters. Located in District 3 and in front of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, one of the city’s main roads, Sherwood Suites offers quick access to the central area. With 159 apartments including 8 penthouses, the building is known as the preferred destination for business and consulates. Designed for short term stays or long term stays for long-term employees in Saigon, Sherwood Suites’s spacious, serviced apartments and serviced residences are a perfect blend. Perfect in the middle of luxurious 5-star style with warm, comfortable atmosphere of the family apartment. Overlooking the main street of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia in the heart of Saigon, the apartments are tastefully furnished, fully equipped kitchen, comfortable living room with panoramic views of the city. Moreover, experienced staff will take care of every guest when they come to Sherwood Suites.

The fierce competition in this area requires Sherwood Suites executives to be active in attracting visitors to them through image promotion, quality improvement, and improvement of technical equipment. … So, Sherwood Suites must take advantage of the strengths while limiting the weaknesses to attract future customers but also maintain the stability of current customers.

During the internship at the Front Office department with the knowledge learned at the school and my knowledge during the time in the Front Desk, I made an analysis of the quality of service of Sherwood Suites. With the knowledge and experience in the field is limited so the solution given may not be accurate with reality, not specific. So, I am very much looking forward to the instruction of the Front Office management as well as the management staffs, staffs here and teachers to help me to improve my understanding of my field of study.

The report is just one piece of knowledge I have learned in school and practical application. I hope that after graduation, I will become a staff member in the hospitality industry, in order to contribute to our country to make it become richer and stronger.


Kết luận báo cáo tốt nghiệp tiếng Anh tại công ty giao nhận xuất nhập khẩu


Through the topic “Analysis Process of Importing in Forwarding Operation of TRA-SAS by Sea Transport”, I would like to summarize three main contents as follows:

-The emergence of more and more experienced foreign firms in the forwarding industry is a challenge as well as an impetus for domestic firms in general and the Transportation and Service Joint Stock Company Maritime (TRASAS) in particular strives further to improve the quality of service, using service quality as an effective competitive tool. Since then, it forms the basis for solid development, firmly stepping up to meet the requirements in the process of economic integration in the region and the world.

-TRASAS Shipping and Service Joint Stock Company (TRASAS) is gradually improving the quality of its services, gradually affirming the brand name of a reputable and efficient trading company. The quality of importing and delivering services provided by the company is quite good in terms of time of goods delivery, safety of goods, service and customer size. In addition, due to capital constraints; Infrastructure, machinery, equipment that the quality of warehouse and company has not yet met the demand and also outsourced.

-Based on all evaluations of the quality of import and export services of the company, has introduced solutions such as raising the level of the organizer, participate in the process; Investment in infrastructure, machinery, equipment; Application of information systems; Improve customer service to improve service quality. Along with that is some recommendations to the Government to improve the business environment, providing the basis for the development of the logistics industry in the integration period.

Due to the limited time and experience, plus the evaluation based on personal observations during the practice at the company so it cant not not be able to avoid certain shortcomings to cover the whole realistic of the company. I look forward to receiving the comments and supplements of all teacher, staffs in TRASAS Company.

Thank you very much  (Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh )


Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh biên phiên dịch

1. Conclusion

Being aware of the important role of the department in Nguyen Le Transportation Company, I myself have used the knowledge that is rubbed with reality and compared with those of what has been learned to complete this report. Through the process of collecting information and learning, I experienced and gain a lot of English language related knowledge and translation skills. In particular, my English speaking skill, listening skills as well as translating skill was enhanced compared to the time I was in school. Besides, from the position of an assistant in the department, I learned many experiences for the future work such as: team work skill, time management, adaptability skill, Observe and monitor changes, always willing to learn attitude, etc. I believe that these skills and experience will helps me a lot in whatever my job may be in the future.

2. Recommendation

From my experience in the real environment, I would like to recommend other peers that: for good translator, needs to prepare background knowledge about many sectors, expescially the sector that the Company you work for. Therefore, the work will be much smoothier. Also, the school should create more conditions for students to have the opportunity to practice, maybe sooner, not necessarily until graduation, because the more students experience early, the better they will understand themselves and prepare for their future careers. Moreover, like any other profession, interpreters/translators are jobs that require high levels of qualifications. In addition to possessing top-notch foreign language skills, successful interpreters also need to combine many other abilities because of direct contact with customers such as the ability to communicate, knowledge about culture and some other important qualities in order to perform the job well.


Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh: Assisting The Company To Translate English Articles On The Internet Which Relate To Programs Of Studylink International Education Center


In short, In the integration period, the open economy, exchanging with domestic and foreign partners is essential for businesses. And then, they always need professional, dedicated and reputable interpreters and translators.

However, language development constantly requires translators to actively learn, learn and cultivate both the foreign language they use as well as Vietnamese to not be outdated in the use of words and style.

The prerequisite of the profession is to be “loyal” to the original. No matter where we translate or where to go, content that is far from the original will have bad consequences. And especially, as translators, we will play a very important role in the success of the cooperation. Therefore, always have a professional conscience and be really careful when working.

In a nutshell, to make the success of an interpreter, not only the qualities, the language ability, but also the conscience, ethics and love of each individual. With a team of translators with long experience and high responsibility in the work, Translation Site confidence with us to successfully collect each transaction.

Choosing suitable careers when studying abroad is a problem that many young people worry because the cost of studying abroad is not cheap. Choosing an industry that is not up to the task or not appropriate to the labor market trend will have a huge impact on the family’s finances, and it is difficult to apply for a job after graduation.

Therefore, to make the right choice in the field of study and training, students need to consult with reputable consultants. And studylink is the right choice for those who want to study abroad


Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh – The activities of an Assistant to Business Development Director at Kien Vuong – formerly Van Loi Co., Ltd

During my internship at the Company, I was guided and helped wholeheartedly by the company’s the staff; especially the staff in the Supply Department and the instructors who facilitated the completion of this report. The supply department staff helped me in the process of getting used to the job, taught me the necessary knowledge during my work at the company, so I grasped and adapted to the job. work faster. How to use office machines such as: computer, scan, fax, photo… I have done more proficiently. The internship period is limited, but I was trained by the lecturers, helping me with the knowledge needed in the internship report, pointing out the limitations and shortcomings in the report, so the article My reports are more complete and provide practical solutions for the company. However, my ability to apply between theory and practice is still limited, so the report cannot avoid shortcomings. Therefore, I look forward to the contributions of teachers and internship companies to make my report better.  (Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh )


Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh biên phiên dịch Thương Mại

Difficulties encountered

I would say that the most difficulty I got during my internship training period is my working schedule. Unlike other students who concentrate on only their reports, I have to finish two. They are my work assignments and the report. Fortunately, I also arrange well my time table to complete the report punctually with much assistance from some staff in my place.

Secondly, English is quite a difficult language that I have to spend my time searching and studying many structures. And I, of course, am sure that there are many mistakes in my writing. In addition, a topic of my report seems not to be an easy one. As you know, technical terms in Import – Export field are so difficult and not easy to remember that I have usually misunderstood and made a lot of mistakes. So it takes me a lot of time to figure out the proper outline and then find out some ideas to support it effectively.

English is a skilled subject that anyone needs to master must spend much time studying and practicing, especially translating skill. I really get stressed upon starting writing this report because I was born with a Vietnamese thinking head. Yes, that is my trouble when, in my mind, I always translate Vietnamese into the target English. That’s the reason, in my opinion, why some ideas couldn’t get well fit with the source language. Of course, there are much more than those I mentioned herein this report. But at last, I can afford to complete it, too.


New skills and experience achievements

Through the internship period, I have learned so many things which I think they are absolutely helpful to me.

First, it is English speaking practice. SamHo is such a big firm that it has nearly forty foreign experts. These experts are from different parts of the countries. However, English is a main language used in almost every part of business operations. So, it is a good opportunity for me to take advantages of my time to practice English with them whenever I get chances. In particular I have learned many new words in Import – Export field.

Then, as I have stated above that besides I am a graduate trainee, I also work as a staff in the company. English is one of my daily activities. But this time is quite different because I must try all my efforts to figure out the topic, the outline and then the compositions as my big project. It really takes me a lot of time because I have to balance my schedule between my tasks and the report. However, thank to this tight schedule, I have learned how to organize my time properly and efficiently.

And finally, it is the way how to approach and solve the problems. At school, we only learn the theories, and sometimes we have activities which require team work or group work. At work, I devotedly have to gather in group to think what is the best solution or way to deal with a problem. It is because I work to get monthly payment, not high marks like students. Furthermore, I have got acquainted with some of Import – Export procedures of the company, and I believe that I can work well if I am recruited in the future.

Recommendations and suggestions

Thanks to this training internship, I have gained many new skills and experience, for example skill to work independently, skill to work collaboratively. and abilities to approach and deal with problems. However, I also have some recommendations in the hope that the administrative management will be more efficiently.

First of all, though the ratios of goods outputs and export value are increased constantly and severely, import ratio seems to be still high, especially in 2012 with the value of $ 63,532,741.9. My suggestion is that SamHo should take advantages of finding and using the material resources available in Vietnam, directly minimize imports from outside of the country.

Secondly, the procedures and formalities of Import – Export are good, and comply with the Vietnam regulations. However, the connection between a department and others is not good enough, especially with Material department, Business department, Accounting and R & D. I highly recommend that SamHo needs to build a system to which every division can access in placing orders or even checking the order status, and then hurry the import – export team to complete the procedures as quickly as possible.

And last but not least, training courses are necessary to all import – export staff. It seems to me that a team just does the same task assignments everyday. It is boring. I really wonder why SamHo doesn’t offer some courses to their office staff in the hope that they can change their ways in solving the daily duties. In addition, what will happen if one of members leaves without giving any notice in advance? So, in my opinion, training is extremely necessary.

My impression and feeling

SamHo is a successful enterprise. It succeeds not only in its business itself but also in the ways it behaves towards its employees. As in the letter of New Year 2010, Mr. Kyoung Sob Kang, GM wrote “I sincerely thank you all for your deeply efforts and contributions to our second home, VS”, and “we are facing a severe economic crisis originated from the US. We must collaboratively work together to weather this storm”.

SamHo has recently been building a new plant that wishes to increase the manufacturing capacity up to 5% compared to its current ability. It needs around 2 thousand new comers, mostly unskilled ones with the salary paid in accordance with the company’s salary scale and at least 10% higher than that specified in the current Labor law.

For me, SamHo is a home to many employees near and far. It is a place where all workers are treated as members in a big family and trained with many useful programs: mutual trust and respect, Lean manufacturing criteria, craftsmanship, MQAA…. I hope that more and more companies will come to copy what are in Vietnam SamHo now and these companies will also get successful in the future. I am pleased to work and spend my internship period in this good and sunny environment.  (Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh )


Kết luận báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh biên phiên dịch tại trung tâm Anh ngữ

Concluding Remarks

Vietnamese and English are two languages with so many distinctive different features. However, there are some similar characteristics in word formation and use. This study presents the variety of word forms in English. In addition, there are some of the similarities and differences in these aspects that helps students to better understand clearly the two languages.

As the result, the users can enrich their English in their teaching, translating, interpreting and learning. There are some major implications to teach translating English. First, when beginning to translate a complexity and a multiple meaning words, the teachers should show their students the ways to identify structures and components. Moreover, teacher lead students to translate technical texts. It means that the teachers help students to familiarize with context they are going to translate. Moreover, this is the difference between culture that the translator learn more social knowledge to support translation job.

Generally, English language have different features such as locative, comparison, manner, material and temporal meaning that requires more skills of the syntactic feature and the semantic feature from the translators and interpretors. While grammatical structure can be divided, English are considered as solid blocks. In addition, English has specialized meanings, becuase some of them have idiomatic status. This feature also causes many troubles for the translators. So, we must pay attention to this feature. Let’s continue by figuring out how many types it consists. In term of formal classification, there are three types with many kinds of english part of speech such as noun, verb, adverb, and adjective….. thus english words are made into many forms such as the closed form, in which the words are mixed together; the hyphenated form; and the open form.

To sum up, language is a diverse tool for human to learn and translate because of its variety of word forms. Thus, it requires all english learners study carefully to meet its difficulties. In addition, teaching assistant plays an important part in assisting students to learn more effectively. Perhaps, the report is very useful to present all aspects about english translation that brings some knowledge which translators and interpretors can apply to their jobs.

new skills acquired and skills improved

Taking note skill

In the internship, I had to deal with tasks including lots of information, so I had to get used to with taking notes in order to advoid missing main points of those tasks.

Communication skill

I learnt to communicate, express and convey my thoughts as well as information percisely. I also learnt how to interact effectively with colleagues, host teachers and students,too.

Problem solving skill

In my internship, I did learn and accumulate experience on problem-solving skill. For example, when I experienced an electrical loss, I had to make an idea to handle the situation. Hence, I made a suggestion that students had better be gathered in the main hall and sang an English song together. This boosted the classrooms’ atmosphere and helped children learn English through that songs.


I had an opportunity to learn how to share works with my colleagues so as to accelerate appointed assignments. This was also considered to be an ideal way to deal with workload by taking advantages of members’ strength points.

Management techniques observed. (Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh)

Throughout the internship period, I learnt the time management techniques from my director. There were 2 main techniques to keep management successful :

Making To-do-list

Making a list concluding all the tasks that needed finishing helped me to increase productivity in work performances and keep myself motivated. Besides , this gave me a hand in remembering all the daily tasks.

Prioritizing works

This type of technique helped me to notice which work should be done first and ones should be done afterwards. It helped me to order tasks with different priorities.

Improving translation and interpretation

The most important skills that I have improved much are translation and interpretation. When working with native and vietnamese teachers, I leant a lot from them. they taught me how to translate well, as well as explaining me the complicated issues in translation. The native teachers also help me know more about their culture to make sure that I can be good translator in the future.

Classroom skills employed – Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh 


First of all, I can say that teamwork is a huge part of the university life. As you may kown, I have to get along with a variety of people while I was performing the internship. I needed to take others’ opinions into account and make sure that I considered them when making a decision. Effective teamwork and collaboration not only helped me with efficiently completing missions but also broaden my horizons to ideas or solutions that I had never known.


Presentation skill is one of the most crucial skills that I obtained a thorough in-depth instruction and practice while I was studying at Van Hien unniversity. This skill turned out to be very helpful during my internship at Smart Bee English Center as I could be confident to stand in front of plenty of students as well as teachers to talk about my ideas successfully. I personally think that it was a result from practicing presentation hundreds of time  and accumulating valuable techniques at Van Hien university.

The ability to accept and learn forn criticism

To improve performances well in the future, I need to learn ways of accepting the criticism. “Constructive criticism is never an insult” is what I learnt from my university lecturers. I noticed that criticism was always the best feedback to what I had done and it always did teach me a lesson.


THE CONCLUSION – English Uses In Sales Process At People Art Appliance Co.Ltd (Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh)

The industrial equipment market is recovering. Along with the ventilation of the State policy in recent times, the industry will have to change. Despite still having no less difficult and subject to stiff competition from rivals, but People Art Appliance co. Ltd is gradually asserting the prestige brand, and grow strong.

After the internship at the company, I feel the sales activities of the company are relatively complete, professional and reasonable. Besides that I have seen are getting weak, the company’s strengths in sales activities.

Because of the time and conditions of knowledge also many limitations, so the opinions of topical reports only for individuals. I hope that with this contribution, the company will improve the sales activities, gradually evolved to become the leading enterprise in the field of industrial equipment sales.

Once again I sincerely thank the dedicated teacher’s Guide with People Art Appliance co. Ltd helped me complete this internship report


Conclusion – Tiếng Anh Sử Dụng Trong Bất Động Sản – Kết luận báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh 

During this internship, I always have obeyed the policies, rules and regulations of the company strictly, treated all people with positive regard. Moreover, I desired experience in my field of study. My Internship helps me strengthen a lot of skills which can only be developed through actual experience.

Two months of internship at Phu Le Huy company as the opportunity to apply the education and knowledge I gained in college and see how they work in the real world. The biggest thing that I experienced during this internship was the way to communicate and compile emails or contracts in both Vietnamese and English version. There were a lot of new specific words, English phrases and sentence structures that I was able to learn other than in college. I had a valuable time to improve my English language by working along with my colleagues and communicating with the foreign clients.

The limit of two months is too short for me to understand the role and responsibilities of a translator in the future. The skills and experience that I have acquired throughout my internship give me a hands-on chance to solidify my future endeavors as well as getting experience in translation field.

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