Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng, Internship Report

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Tiếp tục gửi tới các bạn sinh viên bài mẫu Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng, Internship Report ngành Ngôn Ngữ Anh, đây là mẫu báo cáo mình làm sơ lược, các bạn sinh viên tham khảo để hoàn thiện bài làm của các bạn tốt hơn nhé.

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Mục lục

1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

First and foremost I would like to express my thanks to Banking University HCMC and lecturers the faculty of Foreign Language for giving me a great opportunity to do the internship and gather a lot of valuable practical experience. My grateful thanks also go to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan Chief of My Tho transaction office Sacombank for assigning me a good position to do the internship and experience a real working environment at Sacombank. would like to take this oecasion to thank all members of Accounting Department of My Tho  transaction office for their support, guidance and providing me all the relevant and available information to have a clear concept on the subject. I would like to express my profound gratitute instructor Mr. Le Nguyen Bao Lecturer of Foreign Language Faculty of Banking University for his enthusiastic teaching as well as providing me supervision and feedback which enabled me to prepare and complete this report. Last but not least, I would like to send my deepest thanks to my family and friends for their support and encouragement which has motivated me to improve and finish my internship report. For the last words, would like to wish all of you health, success in career and happiness in life.


2. Given tasks during the internship and methods to accomplish these tasks – Báo cáo tốt nghiệp Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

2.1 Given tasks during the internship

I was assigned a position in Accounting Department at Sacombank My Tho   transaction office during the internship. Most of the time, learn banking operations from tellers. Tellers in a transaction office are also the customer meet advisers who transactions with customers at first. Therefore, they not only have special skills in working with all kinds of customers but also have wide and strengthened knowledge.

As an internship student in Accounting Department, l was assigned many tasks to support tellers and to apprentice during the internship such as:

  • Observe the tellers to gain experience and communicate with customers
  • Learn the banking products that tellers offer to customers.
  • Take notes of the real process and the outstanding steps as well as fundamental mistakes needed seriously considering when doing transaction with customers.
  • Receive training and explanation of the transaction process from the instructor in the Accounting Department.
  • Read and translate materials about different kinds of accounts and banking products.
  • Arrange and classify banking documents.
  • Copy, print, fax materials and scan signatures into computer.

2.2 Methods to accomplish these tasks  -Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

Doing transactions with customers requires the tellers to have a great knowledge as well as experiences. Therefore, as a student with no experience, little knowledge, no practical skills and just some short-term courses in doing such tasks. I myself had to spend time on learning from the tellers and reading some books about banking operations, banking products and technological programs using in Sacombank that my instructor at My Tho transaction office gave me to fulfill my knowledge supporting during the internship

It is undoubting that a secure foundation of theoretical knowledge takes a vital role in any practical job you do. So, out of the time at the transaction office, I took times to review knowledge relating to doing transaction with customers, especially the book “Banking Transactions” that I used to learn in my second year at Banking University and then try to brief the important points. Along with the knowledge read from the bank’s guidance, l could easily draw out and remember the operations in my own way. In enriching my knowledge, I also read more on websites and some other relating materials. (Báo cáo tốt nghiệp Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng)

Observation is also a key trait in implementing the assigned tasks, Day by day observing with customers about banking products that they need, I could understand deeply terms, conditions and processes of some products customers request such as deposit requirement, withdrawal requirement, payment order, money exchanging requirement and so on. Besides observing the others, taking notes is also necessary remember all of the things I have leamed and observed, especially in the conversations between the tellers and the customers. After two weeks, 1 could deal with customers when they need to transact with the bank, instruct them fulfill application forms or some relevant documents and answer questions from the customers.

To be able to well accomplish the tasks. asking for help from the professional and friendly tellers at My Tho  transaction office is mecessary. At first, was so shy and was not brave enough to ask my instructor as well as other tellers about things relating banking operations and banking products. However, all of the tellers at My Tho  transaction office help me enthusiastically that made me more confident. They were willing to answer my questions and explain everything clearly to help me deeply understand. Whenever getting problems or hard points in translating, I asked the instructor or any tellers in the office for help. Their detailed and enthusiastic explanation as well as the common mistake benefits me a lot

3. Results of the internship – Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

 3.1 Knowledge reinforced from the internship

As a last-year student in the university, have learned about accounts in banks. I knew the definition, role, characteristics, terms and conditions as well as benefits of banking accounts. However, the information I got from my subjects is too little and that is just kind of theory so it was hard for me to understand deeply about accounts. The internship period at My Tho  transaction office has given me a chance to learn more, especially demand accounts. This kind of accounts plays a very important role in making payment, one of the basic banking operations

3.1.1 Overview of account

All banking operations have to be carried out through the accounts. Accounts are like the strongboxes that the banks keep for their customers. The keys that customers have to use to open these strongboxes are their identity cards and their signatures. Information relating to opening and deposits ofaccounts at must be kept in strict confidential. Deposit insurance is bought at the deposit insurance company. Through an account, we can easily use non-cash payment instruments such as checks, payment orders, encashment orders, cards.. In-house account transfer payment service is proceeded through computer network free-of with fast and highly accurate level charge with fast nd highly accurate level. (Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng)

3.1.2 Personal account

Account holder

VND deposit account: All the individuals are eligible before the of (Vietnamese citizen and foreign people who deposit money law their home countries) the rights to open account and into Vietnamese have deposit account.

Foreign currency account: resident and non-resident individuals in accordance wit current regulations on foreign exchange management.

Account type:

  • Demand deposit account
  • Fixed deposit account
  • Cash-cover account

Deposit and withdrawal

-VND account: the account holder is entitled to deposit or withdraw cash and time bank notes, to apply non-cash payment such as payment orders, encashment orders, cashiers’ checks, transfer checks, cards.ect

– Foreign currency account: Cash, traveler checks, transfer…

Foreign currencies transferred via banks or cross-border entrance having border custom certification, and other legal foreign currency sources in Vietnam.

Applications for Account:

For Vietnamese individual: ldentity card, Military ID, Police ID.

For foreign individual: Passport and Vietnamese visa with duration of over 6 months.

In case the customers want to use checks, a Letter of Recommendation by the Management Body is required.

3.1.3 Accounts for socio-economic organizations – Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

Account holder

– No limitation for opening and using VND account

– For opening and using foreign currency account, following conditions are applied:

Resident organization: Account holder must have foreign currency sources from current-account transactions, capital transaction and other foreign currency sources stipulated by Law.

Non-resident organization: Account holder is currently operating in Vietnam or overseas, who has foreign currency transferred into Vietnam via banks or cross- border entrance having certification of border custom, and other legal sources in Vietnam.

Account type

Demand deposit account

Fixed deposit account

Cash-cover account

Specialized account.

Deposit/withdrawal:VND acoount: account is entitled to deposit or withdraw cash and use non- payment instruments such as payment orders, encashment orders, guarantee checks, transfer check,…

  • Foreign currency account: Cash, check, transfer

Documents required

– 3 Applications for Account

Notarzed photocopies of documents proving the legal status:

– 01 Decision of Establishment of the enterprise, unit, organization, association

In case of Projects: the decision on setting up Project Management Committee must be enclosed –  01 Business License.

In case of Projects: The Decree signed by the two Governments or the approval of the authorized level are needed.

For non-business organizations: documents describing functions, duties and scope of activities are needed.

– 01 Decision of Appointment of Account Holder signed by authorized level

For public unions such as Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Women Coalition Association… the decision may be replaced by the proposal of the congress minute of that organization.

– 01 Decision of Appoinment of Chief Accountant or Director of Accounting Department or Accountant of the organization.

3.2 Experiences and accumulated from the internship skills – Báo cáo tốt nghiệp Tiếng Anh về Ngân Hàng

3.2.1 Customer communication ski bank

especially working in This is an extremely necessary skill in working in a At first, l accounting department which deal with transaction activities with customers. was embarrassed and uncomfortable when talking to the customers confidence as well as environment to practice before, I did not arrange what l want to say well and paused a lot while talking so that made the customers confused and did not understand clearly when I instruct them fill in the forms. However, with the instructions and supports from the bank clerks at My Tho  transaction office, after many time practicing, my communication skill has gradually improved.

3.2.2 Problem solving skill – Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

In order to working well with customers, problem solving skill is also very important. One time, when the Tet holiday nearly came and the bank had just worked for the last two days, customers came to My Tho  transaction office a lot to send and withdraw from their accounts. Therefore, many customers had to wait more than thirty minutes They felt tired because of waiting and some of them got angry. They shouted at the bank clerks and requested to meet the manager. At this time, the tellers used their working skills to make the customers understand and sympathize for them. This is a valuable experience for me because I had a chance to observe and learn how to solve problems, how to persuade customers etc from the tellers. After all, I not only enhance communication skills also increase my confidence in but communication. – Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

3.2.3 Ofice skill transaction office

, I had a During three months at My Tho  tools effectively such as skill. I was instructed how to use office improve my office basic every offeer needs to know, Asi scanning and copy machines, This is the skill that have to use to get into their the keys that customers wrote in the overview of account, money are their identity cards and their signatures withdraw strongboxes at the bank and clerks need to copy the customers’ identity cards and scan the Therefore, the bank result, customers’ signatures into the computer system to save these two keys, As a learning how to use scanning machine and copy machine is very important for people o work in the banks Managing document skill of my tasks at My Tho  transaction office is organize the documents. to id it extremely slowly. The daily transaction documents at My Tho  transaction office are huge and diversified so it took me nearly a day to finish arranging all these documents. However, thanks to the instruction of my supervisor, l did it better day by day, I was taught how to arrange these documents base on many criteria such as issued date, types, customer information file number and so on. Moreover, my supervisor instructed me to arrange accounting slips by company name and number of books so that easily when the customers come to take relevant books or documents. This skill is helpful to me because I may work for a bank or a business after I graduate from the university. Therefore, managing documents is what I may do in the future and l have to manage them that allow not only me but also anyone to approach and find them easily and quickly when necessary

3.3 Suggestions

noticed that the internet network here n my internship at My Tho  transaction office, 1 and the bank did not work very well. Especially when many customers came to the office access to the clerks must deal with a lot of transactions, the computers would lose their at internet network and all the works had to be delayed. In my opinion, the internet network My Tho  transaction of should be improved and upgraded in order to enhance the efficiency of working process.

Conclusion – Báo cáo thực tập Tiếng Anh tại Ngân Hàng

The internship at My Tho  transaction office is a valuable experience to me. Thanks to this ship. I not only reinforced knowledge and experience but also had a chance to apply tical knowledge learned at school to reality. could also recognize my strengths and eaknesses to try harder in my future career, as well as improve my own skills. Anerfifty years in banking field, Sacombank has achieved many successes and proved itself to be one of the top Joint Stock Commercial Banks in Viet Nam. My Tho  transaction office is also a part of this system and it contributed a significant success to the bank. I wish the bank, especially My Tho  transaction office greater developments in the future.

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