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Topic: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using English For Reception At Thang Loi Hotel –  Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn


In recent years, the country entered the period of integration. With the development of the social economy, a lot of foreign tourists come to Vietnam to live, work, travel and go on vacation. Therefore, hotels and restaurants are growing rapidly to meet the needs for accommodation of tourists. Vietnam tourism is increasingly developing and has attracting foreigners visiting and relaxing. In the type of accommodations, the hotel is the most common type of catering service to the needs of guests.

Among the restaurant hotels, Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited has been established successfully and has been involved into the activities to supply the most appropriate to the customers need. It is becoming a trust destination at Binh Duong.

During nearly two months internship at Thang Loi hotel, I was engaged in many activities using specialized English with some advantages and disadvantages. And the topic that I have chosen is: “Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using English For Reception At Thang Loi Hotel”. (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn)


CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION – Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn


1.1 Established history of Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited

At the beginning, Thang Loi Hotel has been growing from Thang Loi Restaurant. It was established in 1995, and in 2004 it renamed Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited.
At the first time, Thang Loi Restaurant just served as wedding purpose. With 7 halls for celebration, Thang Loi Restaurant can contain 3000 customers. The smallest hall has a seating capacity of 180. And the biggest hall has a seating capacity of 1500. This place is the credible place for any couples to celebrate their wedding.

To improve Thang Loi Restaurant, in 2004 Mr. Loi and the tourism personnel in Binh Duong built construction investment Thang Loi Hotel to serve tourists. In 2006, the hotel had 2-star with 20 rooms. It had few services, such as breakfast offer and laundry service.

1.2 Company Profile:

  • Name: Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited (Công ty TNHH Nhà Hàng Khách Sạn Thắng Lợi)
  • Business form: restaurant hotel
  • Kind of room: 3-star
  • Number of room: 79 rooms
  • Number of department: 12 departments
  • Number of staff (in hotel): 50 staffs
  • Director: Mr. Nguyen Van Loi
  • Address: 210, Thich Quang Duc Street, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province
  • Phone: + (84.650) 2211494 (Hotel)
  • + (84650) 3859494 (Restaurant)
  • Fax: (0650) 3 859494

1.3 The development of Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited – (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn)

Nowadays, Binh Duong develops rapidly, which has many industrial parks, beautiful places and leisure centers, such as Hoi Khanh Pagoda, Dai Nam Wonderland, etc. Mr. Loi determines to upgrade 3-star. The current service in this time provides a higher level of amenities than the past. If this hotel in the past just had 20 rooms, now Thang Loi Hotel has 79 rooms with many interesting services like sauna, spa, restaurant, wifi, karaoke, bar, photocopy, leisure center for children, gym, restaurant coffee, taxi, shoe cleaning machine, fresh flowers reservations and hot pool. Each customer has a ticket for free breakfast. Moreover, this is the wonderful place for children and adult to swim. This service is free for those who book a hotel room to stay. In case they want to swim, they have to pay extra fee with 30,000 VND.

Thang Loi Hotel has two kinds of rooms, such as VIP room and Deluxe room. VIP rooms cost 390.000 VND while the price for Deluxe rooms cost 690.000 VND. The customers can choose any kinds of rooms with maximum up to two customers. Besides, if the customers want to book a room with 3 or more people, the customer will have to pay extra 120.000 VND per adult and 60.000 VD per child.
VIP room has many convenient things such as doorbell, spy hole, bed, coffee table, sofa, shoe polisher, minibar, air-conditioner, soft drink, hair dryer, bath tower, shower, bed table and telephone in the bedroom and bathroom. Moreover, each room has a laundry basket. The price for a cloth is 10.000 VND per laundry. Besides, the room which has the price of 690.000 VND not only has the things like the room price 390.000 VND but also has guestroom. Deluxe room has a larger space than VIP room.

Thang Loi Hotel has 79 rooms and 70 rooms are for customers, the others are for HU (House use). If the customer rents VIP room over a month, they will be discounted and the price is 350.000 VND.
Also, Thang Loi Hotel has some apartments for customers who want to stay there over 6 months. The price of this form is 6.000.000 VND per month. If they rent over a year, they will be discounted and the price is 5.000.000 VND. The conveniences in these apartments are the same as those in a house. Furthermore, the customer in this place can make meals, do the laundry for themselves and iron.
About the hotel staff, they have been recruited from the Culture and Tourism University and they have trained again to adapt to the innovation of the hotel. In Thang Loi Hotel, there have more than 50 staffs with an average monthly income per person is over 5,000,000 VND. In which, there are 12 deparments. All of them are well-educated as well as friendly and enthusiastic.

Furthermore, the director of Thang Loi Hotel built the place to serve all employees to eat and take a rest. Also, each year Thang Loi Hotel organizes a picnic for the employees to improve their professional skills and expand their knowledge. Simultaneously, the director of Thang Loi Hotel make bonus for the staff and pay in full terms of health insurance, social insurance, unemployment for employees. (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn)

1.4 Organization Structure – (Báo cáo thực tập Ngôn ngữ Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn)

The organization diagram of Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited has 12 departments. Here are the diagram and functional organizational structure:

Sơ đồ tổ chức khách sạn bằng tiếng Anh

Sơ đồ tổ chức khách sạn bằng tiếng Anh

Figure 7. Organization structure

No.Department NameNumber Of StaffManagerSexResponsibilities


1Nguyễn Văn Lợiü Managing every aspect of a hotel.
2.Vice Managing Director


1Trương Phú Minhü Managing restaurant. Managing both the revenue and cost elements of Thang Loi Restaurant’s income statement.
3.Human Resources Manager


1Đặng Hữu Lộcü Managing hotel. Managing sets policies, oversees hiring, and handles many of the matters pertaining to the employees of hotel.
4.Hotel Management


1Vọng Thế Linh üRunning smoothly everything in the hotel or other lodgings, such as receptionist, laundry and hotel room.


2Trần Thị Thu Ngân üWriting down the listing invoices, paying salary for employees.


300Nguyễn Thị Hà üConnecting calls with the customer who wants to take taxi.
7.Corrective Maintenance


2Lê Xuân Vũü Being able to fix hotel equipment and restaurant equipment.


8Nguyễn Minh Hoàngü Managing and making meal for hotel customers.
9.Security Guard


8Triệu Qúi Namü Patrol and inspect property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity.


4Vọng Thế Linh üKeeping the value assets of customer. Check-in and check-out. Handling customer complaints.


2Vọng Thế Linh üHaving a responsible for the things, such as pillowcase, towel, etc. Those things need to be cleaned in hotel room.



Hotel Room




Vọng Thế Linh






Having a responsible for preserving the hotel’s assets and customer’s assets.

Table 1. Functional organizational structure

1.5 Thang Loi Hotel Regulations

– All staffs need to wear uniforms prescribed by the hotel.

– The possession of a receptionist is a good communication directly and indirectly. It means that receptionists must be able to communicate effectively and treat all people who enter the reception or answer phone call amiably.

– All staffs should write the information of customers clearly into Hotel Notebook.

– All staffs understand the confidential of communication between receptionists and their clients is also crucial.

– These things are so serious that will lead to dismissal if receptionist brings it into the working place, such as gambling, alcohol, beer, pharmaceuticals illegally, explosives, edged weapons and illegal weapons.

– During office hours, all receptionists do not use the phone of the hotel for the personal aims, except for emergencies. For example, receptionist is not allowed to use hotel phone to call friend or relative to chat.

– During office hours, all receptionists do not use cell phones for their personal purposes while serving customer. This rule will make the receptionist become polite and professional.

– The assets and equipment of Thang Loi Hotel should be responsible for preserving by receptionist.

– It is not allowed to ask customers for the commissions of gifts because this action will make the image of hotel become ugly.

1.6 The intern’s individual role as well as specific schedule within the organization – (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn)

At this hotel, I was positioned at the reception area, working as a receptionist. Specifically, my job was using English language to talk to the foreigner customers when they want to complain any trouble or require the receptionist to do something. Beside that, my job is work as a housekeeping. All of the works I had done throughout my internship period were written in this report. On the other hand, this was a list of my achievements – things I tried and things I learnt.

I think I had tried my best to complete Thu Dau Mot University’s goal of this internship period. Using English in most of the working time is required. The company provide a working environment that all the staffs are required to be flexible, briskly, confident and friendly. I think this job trains me all of them. I believe these skills will make me more confident than the past to be able to apply for my full time job in the future.

CHAPTER II. CONTENT OF THE REPORT – Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh tại Khách Sạn


After 4 years studying at Thu Dau Mot University, I have achieved many knowledge from this university. And the internship period is the time that every student has to spend it. This is a good chance where the I can apply the theory into working place. Especially for students of faculty of foreign languages, this is the great time to practice English to real job. It helps me improve the English skills and soft skills. Moreover, I can acquire experience in my chosen field. I can add to my resume to the future employers. It will train me to fight with many problems when I work as an employee. The internship period will help me how to get over it. It is also a good way to make me recognize weaknesses and promote strengths.

Through the graduate internship period, I can learn how to manage work and how to work in a professional environment. I can also learn from colleagues by observing the jobs that they do.
In short, internship experience is the first step which helps me more confident before starting a real job. It makes me become a better candidate. In addtion, I will know what work I want to pursue and increase opportunities for jobs with higher starting salaries.

II. PROCESS AND JOB DESCRIPTION – (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn)

2.1 Process description

Through the working time with the experience that I had after two weeks, I began writing the internship report to submit my instructor.

On March 16th, 2016 I went to Thang Loi Hotel to start internship. Specifically, I was chosen to be a receptionist. Simultaneously, I worked as a housekeeping in hotel room. Each early morning, I go to hotel room to clean the rooms. After I finish my job, I go to reception area and work as a receptionist. The jobs that I need to do are translator to make staff can understand the require that foreign customers require extra help, communicate with foreign customers to solve their problems, write registration book of temporary residence.

Under the help of Mr. Dang Huu Loc, I know clearly established history of Thang Loi Hotel, daily work. Also, through the time I write the internship report, Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Mai who replies any questions from me and helps me a lot to complete my internship report. After I finish my internship report, I give it to director of Thang Loi Hotel for stamp. And so, I submit internship report to my instructor and faculty of foreign languages.

2.2 Job description

My job is a receptionist in Thang Loi Hotel. This job is not simple as I thought at the beginning, but I still try to complete my job. This job requires calm, friendly, polite and briskly. Besides working as a receptionist, I work as a housekeeping to maintain a clean, sanitary, comfortable and tidy environment for hotel room. This job requires careful and scrupulous.
These jobs are forwarding information by receiving and distributing communications to security guard, replying mail for customer, using English to communicate with foreign customers, cleaning hotel room, answering telephone calls and handling any complains from customers.

These jobs require the skills and qualifications like telephone skills, typing, verbal communication, written communication, attention to detail, and concessions.

I spent 6 weeks on training in Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited. I went to the company five days a week. The following are what I have done at Thang Loi Hotel.\

2.4 Analysis and evaluation

During the internship period, I was learnt many things.

Firstly, I worked as a receptionist so I studied the works that a receptionist needed to do. Specifically, I knew the step to check in and check out. Moreover, I knew the way to handle complaint from customers. The problems need be flexibly solved and I achieved it.

Secondly, I learnt the steps to clean hotel room as a room service. This job made me feel more briskly and carefully.

Lastly, I had many great chances to learn new language and used it to talk with foreign customers. In particular, I can use English to talk with foreign customers. Sometimes, I can use Chinese language, which I learnt in Thu Dau Mot University, to talk with Chinese. Furthermore, I also learnt way of greeting by Japanese in the internship period.

On the contrary, I had some disadvantages when I worked as receptionist.

Firstly, because of the nature of the hotel, the number of coming and going visitors was unstable. Sometimes, there were a lot of work, but in other periods it was nothing to do. As a result, sometimes there were many chances to improve English skills, but sometimes it was nothing to practice speaking and listening English.

Finally, through the internship period, I just improved the speaking skill plus listening skill in conversations with foreign customers. And I can improve reading skill when I read information in the passport of foreign customers to write down into hotel’s book. About writing skill, I did not have chance to practice.

Through the internship period, I get a wonderful chance to practise the theories that I learn from university. It made me feel confident when I talk to foreign customer. Also, I had the experience in role as a receptionist and as a housekeeping. (Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn)

Below are my evaluations through the internship period:


  • • Being able to learn new things from a new environment during a short time
  • • Being able to apply the knowledge into practice
  • • Having a good health to meet the requirements
  • • Having a progressive attitude and respect for everyone
  • • Being briskly and flexible
  • • Being active and enthusiastic
  • • Being able to work with stress
  • • Being calm most of the time


  • • Lack of specialist knowledge
  • • Lack of listening skill

CHAPTER III. Conclusion – Báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh Lễ Tân Khách Sạn

After six weeks of training process at Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Compamy Limited, I finished my internship successfully with the help of many people. By the way, I would like to say thank you to all the lecturers who teach me many different knowledge about major. I have learnt many meaningful lessons from them.

Because of the lack of experience, this report is not perfect. So, I am very thankful to receive any suggestion from the instructor.
I wish all of you a good health and success.

Thank you very much.


1. References from Thang Loi Hotel
1.1 “Organization structure”. Compiled by the director of Thang Loi Restaurant Hotel Company Limited. Document internally circulated.
1.2 “Thang Loi Hotel Regulations”. Compiled by Human Resources Manager. Document internally circulated.

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